Live Streams

Want to reach your target audience – and fast? At Record Space, we live stream events like sport, fashion, red carpets, music and product launches directly to your audience’s social screens using single or multi-camera shoots with broadcast quality audio.

Maximise your reach, manage your media spend, and engage your audience with live streamed content that sparks conversations.

Facebook Live

Live streaming your event on Facebook puts you slap bang into the timeline of your followers. Plus, our editors can create instant social cuts during and after the event to make your investment go further.

Instagram Live

Short message videos, exclusive backstage peeks and sponsored content: Live streaming for Insta drives customers to your main social streaming event and builds followers.

Twitter Live

Got thousands or even millions of followers on Twitter? A broadcast quality live social video in their feed keeps them engaged with your brand and encourages social sharing.

Youtube Live

With high production values and broadcast quality content, live streaming your event on YouTube increases your reach beyond your usual mobile content platforms and into smart screen devices and search engines.

Live 360 Video

360 live streaming to social and custom 360 players, creates an engaging and immersive experience for your viewers. As a live
360 video production company, we have the experience to cover all live challenges.


Pull in comments and questions with our live social media moderation tools, and show your viewers’ interactions and likes live on screen during your stream.


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